Sunday, 11 January 2009

protest march against opencast

well on the 10/01/2009 i went on my first ever protest march, we walked round the proposed site of an open cast coal mineing in the next village, it will distroy the country side and make so much mess and what for 14 days worth of coal for the three power stations round here and the company will not put it back as it is now. Me and hubby and the four children all did it and i was so proud of the kids they walked never complained even the littlest one did it, she is only 3 she carried her placard and had her picture taken by so many people. The people from the news where there so we will be on the telly too.

I took them for macdonalds as a treat and was sort off good had a big mac no chips or extras and had a bagal and cheese for supper . but with all that excercise should have a few bonus points.

ouch ouch ouch i have blisters on blisters but am still on a high from that walk yesterday. today who knows but not a good start with an egg custard for breakfast (4.5 points) must behave, i am trying not to have a sneacky peek but it is so hard not to before starting WW i weighed myself at least twice aday every day ,have got it down to couple times a week but i know it not helpful, have tried to throw them out but ended up in boots daily weighing so scales are back. BUT do i or dont i today. NO i am going to do the ironing instead yuk yuk yuk.

good luck on your journey love tiffany xxxxxx

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