Friday, 9 January 2009

a day for NSV'S

well what a day for NSV'S, none for ages then 4 in one day .

first- being able to wear knickers that are a proper size ie size 22 not 22-24 and they are a bit on big size, size 20 here i come .

second- have been able to wear socks for the first time in years , i mean since being at school, haven't taken them off yet.

third- went and got my finger measured for my wedding ring, i went to this shop last may (2008) and was measured as a Z+ which is the largest you can be without being made specially and it was going to cost me £100 to have my wedding ring and engagement enlarged. well we went in to day and it was the same lady and she measured my finger which is now a T, at this rate am going to have my rings made smaller.

fourth- a man said that my bum looks lovely in my jeans ,he he

Today the need for points is great have the munchies big time
am drinking loads but want to eat and eat anything that is not nailed down might have some rice crackers and cheese in a mo.

i have worked out that butternut squash in a soup is not for me can eat it baked and roasted but not soup it gives me wind big style.........

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