Wednesday, 7 January 2009


well here i am at the beginning off a new journey into 2009
my start weight last may was 22st 4lb and i was wearing a very tight size 30-32 bottom and 28 top. i was not happy with myself i hide from all photos or reasons for anyone to see me . my favorite clothes were black and tent like.
when i hit 22st i cried for days my legs were huge my knees had fat overflow on them my hips were massive and i had saddle bags on saddle bags, had two bellies and a neck like a bull and i hated myself enough to think of ending it all.

then my best friend in the north started at weight watchers and she was losing weight and showed me the online weight watchers and suddenly it was a way i could do it i didn't have to go any where, i work regular nites and am either at work or sleeping so meetings were out. but on line i could do it couldn't i .
From then on i yo-yo'd my way down to 18stone 10.5lb by christmas only to put on 10 lb over the christmas and new year period.
i re started my journey on the 2 of january 2009 and have been so very good i am exercising and watching my points and plan to be at goal of 11 stone by may 2010.please join me on my journey laugh with me, cry with me and most of all loose with me
love Tiffany xxx


  1. Hi Tiffany

    Well done on your loss so far, you have done great!!!
    Will love to drop by and support you and hope you will drop in at mine too. xoxoxoxox

  2. well done on your loss so far i must say a very moving and inspiring start to your blog too! good luck we can do it ;) xxx

  3. Well done Tiff =)

    You will get there, and I'm sure you'll be an inspiration to many people including myself.

    x x x