Tuesday, 27 January 2009

i am confused dot com

what happened i checked my BMI on WW and it has dropped to 40 that is from 48 which is fab but i have lost 4 points aday to yesterday i was allowed 30 now i am allowed 26 that is 4 points that is a creme egg and an orange ......can i cope
no gradual drop "just bang and the points were gone"
i am on nites hence the ungodly hour but have been so good staying within my points . have had a fab supper 2 wholemeal rolls filled with cottage cheese and chunky diced cuecumber,celery and tomatoes and a ton of freshly ground black pepper really yummy and i have my 0 point soup for later and i have another orange as well "yummy yummy for my shrinking tummy"
regarding my dad spoke to my mum didnt tell her he had rung me but asked how he was and she said that he was acting strange all peaceful and nice!!! i understand that my dad is dying, and with all my strengh i am not going to comfort eat , he is pround that i am losing weight and my kids are too. going over to see them this weekend with the kids.
any how have to go do some work now
love and hugs tiffany xx

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  1. Sorry to hear about your dad.. I hope you are coping with things ok xx

    how come you dropped so many points?? Im confused dot com too with that lol