Thursday, 8 January 2009

First weigh in this year

have just weighed in for the first time this year ,been on the wagooon for 6 days and have lost the grand amount of 5lb so i have got my 10% goal back only have another 5lb and will have my 50lb lost certificate. being a nurse am planning on working on the careplan of weight lost so here goes


  • to have my 50lb cetificate in 3 weeks ie 29/01/09

  • to lose 2lb a week


  1. another week of fast track

  2. do minimum of 15000 steps a day

  3. do 30 mins on tread mill with meatloaf aday

so plan for today going out with hubby to buy some nice knickers , and have a subway for my lunch well it is weigh in day .am going to get my ring finger measured as well as have choosen my eternity ring that i want when i reach goal , wishing you all luck on your ww journey till next time bye tiffany xxx

ps. photo of me and hubby on our aniversary 10 years in 2008

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