Saturday, 24 January 2009

i am i will i can

my mates on line are doing the race for life , so in for a penny in for a pound i am too so on the 5 th of july 2009 at temple newsom i am going to run 5k(3 miles), i have bought myself the book running made easy and have started my journey to a fitter me , so if you hear reports of earth quakes in north Yorkshire you know i am out training hehehe. my pack arrived yesterday and hubby greeted me with the fact i was stupid and would kill myself wrong answer i will train and i will do this and i will smile as if i am loving every moment even if dying on the inside , i managed a 5 mile walk yesterday and feel OK this morning so here we come. i am now known as the "purple dash" as i will be wearing purple and a purple tutu i may not dash but i will finish. i am back on the wagon and plan to stay there .......
love for now Tiffany
PS. only need 3.5lb for my 50lb certificate back

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