Tuesday, 19 May 2009

I am back sorry it has been so long

well i got my 50lb certificate on the 5th of feb 2009 and promptly lost it and regained it and lost it again and regained it again and am hanging on to it with the skin of my teeth .....

i have been off line for a while as i have servere depression to the extent that i was going to end it , i am back on my medications and i feel better not complete but better . i am seeing a councillor and it is helping i have to learn to talk and not keep secrets ,i am so good at secrets i keep things bottled up untill i have burst so here goes i am going to share this is thearpy as you say
1) i was sexual assulted at the age of 10
2) i was raped twice as a student nurse , sodamised once
3) i have abused alchol and have a problem with it
4) i have abused drugs both prescribed and ileagal
5)i binge eat , comfort eat , and starve myself
6) i self harm

i have made the decision to stop drinking and i could kill one now ,i am back at weight watchers and i am going to use this as a sounding off board

my hubby who is 20 yrs older than me had a stroke on easter sunday and has had 2 mini strokes since and i am so scared he is going to die and leave me .

tiny baby steps and everthing will go forward may be slow but will be forward
thanks and sorry didnt mean to offend or upset

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  1. Hi

    First of all well done for typing all that it must have been extremely difficult and you must be very proud of yourself.

    You are right small baby steps are the way to go and you have taken the first ones. Keep going you can do this.

    I hope your hubby recovers soon.